Format: 12" / edition 200
Release Date: 10th of September 2017
Press Release (PDF)

The album is a collective of improvised piano takes and field recordings devised by the composer's own 'habit' of processing and editing raw phases to explore electroacoustic and textural sounds to blend in harmony.

Habit is what the composer describes as a scenery mirrored on the surface of water, or perhaps himself lying underneath.

Piano: Marihiko Hara
Edit and Mixing: Marihiko Hara
Mastering: Chihei Hatakeyama
Photography: Megumi Shishikura
Design: Ben Gavin

AUD$30 + P/H ( AUS / NZ only )
( For International please email your request )

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Repressed Records ( Newtown )
Radio Free Alice ( Darlinghurst )
The Record Store ( Surry Hills )

Oh Jean Records ( Fitzroy ) coming soon

Flur ( Lisboa ) Portugal
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Format: 12" + CD/R
Release Date: March 2018

'Hidden Galaxies' explores the hidden sphere of sound generated from discarded metal objects found in rural Australia. The form and structure of the sonic pieces are shaped by the idea of rotation.

Originally from Munich, Axel Singer (b. 1963) is a German composer, sound artist and keyboardist who currently lives in Sydney. Studying composition with Wilhelm Killmayer at Musikhochschule in Munich and attending IRCAM in Paris and CNMAT in Berkeley, California, Singer has received commissions from the Bavarian State Ballet, Bavarian State Opera, Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts and the State Theatre in Darmstadt. He has received the prestigious Music Award from the City of Munich, Bavaria, in 2003 and has been a scholarship holder at the Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia in Bamberg and at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.

Projects include interactive sound installations for art institutions, instrumental music and electroacoustic composition for concert, theatre, film and dance.


Format: 12" + Digital
Release Date: October 2018

FoF is the new moniker from Berlin electronic artist Kostas Tassopoulos, also known as Ekkohaus. Tassopoulos has been involved in many various forms of music production since the early ninties.


Release Date: 1st of November 2013
CD/R Edition of 250
AUD$5 + P/H ( worldwide )

Packaging: White embossed card
CD insert: Colour, 14 x 14 cm fold out to A3 poster, numbered
Mastering: Chihei Hatakeyama
Photography: YeoSeop Yoon
Design: Ben Gavin

"Forty thousand years from now, after traversing 10 trillion miles or so of interstellar space, Voyager 1 will approach the then-closest star, AC +79 3888. At that point it will become a ghost ship, representing an old civilization, gone but enshrined forever in the golden record."

Track 01. Ghost Ship (06:19)
Track 02. Fifty Five Languages (08.10)
Track 03. Interlude (01.26)
Track 04. Origin (07.43)